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Vision & Mission

Financial Report

Garrafeira Soares is mainly dedicated to the retail and gross selling of drinks, coming out as market leader in the region where it’s located.

With fifteen own stores in the main cities of the Algarve Region and a strong team of salesmen, it has a vast costumer portfolio both on trade and off trade channels.

Being distinguished two years in a row by PME Excelência prize, Garrafeira Soares has partnerships with all main international companies like Pernod Ricard, Primedrinks, Diageo and Bacardi Martini.

Keeping up with market trends e investing strongly in its expansion, Garrafeira Soares exclusively represents brands in Portugal, among them: Duval Leroy Champanhe, Monin liqueurs, Campeny liqueuers, Sambuca Antica, Volare liqueurs, allying itself with prestigious brands with high demand in the Portuguese market, answering consumer needs.

Garrafeira Soares is traditionally a familiar company, imprinting passion and pride in everything done. Compromised in adding value to its clients, promoting a culture of innovation and quality, recognizing the importance of its collaborators and their contribute to an excellent performance.

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