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Quietly assured and extra-mature, this is a whisky that opens slowly with real finesse to reveal an exquisite structure appealing to the connoisseur: rich in bo

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Whisky Malt Cardhu 18 Anos 70 Cl

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Taste: A quietly assured extra-mature whisky that opens slowly with real finesse to reveal an exquisite structure: rich in body, yet still full of delicate Cardhu character. The freshness of the nose, with its cleansing fruit, is a foil to the rich treat in store as the palate delivers all the comforting, melting richness of a fruity liqueur chocolate truffle and a complex, rich, sweet, spicy finish to match. Nose: Not forward, yet attractively 'natural' and in time rich, balanced and very complex. Macerated fruits, pears, plums, cherries. Hints of pineapple develop a light, green, gooseberry-like edge. Delicate scents of wild rose, menthol and polished leather rise above a soft base of Christmas cake or buttery pastry. Water opens it all up elegantly, without altering the main themes. Palate: A smooth and sweet taste, unctuous, yet with light and lively acidity. The soft, delicate, fruity core is cradled by rich, chocolate-edged flavours, the texture, chocolate and fruit combining to evoke a cherry liqueur chocolate truffle. Warming overall, it's softer with water, when the balance of tastes remains the same, though lighter.

The Perfect Serve

Release the delicate pears, plums, cherries, gooseberries and wild rose flavours in the 18 Year Old Cardhu with just a drop of water.


Cardhu is one of the most famous distilleries of the Speyside with an impressive history and whisky that is not only essential for the Johnnie Walker Blends but also a high demanded Single Malt Whisky. Cardhu was the first distillery that John Walker & Sons bought and Cardhu Single Malt Whisky was one of the six brands that started the Classic Malts Selection, representing the Speyside. The history of Cardhu - which was written Cardow in the beginning- is closely connected to the history of two women: Helen and Elisabeth Cummings. Helen and her husband John Cumming run a farm at Cardow in the late 18th/early 19th century. It is known that in 1816 John was convicted for distilling without official license three times. Distilling to small extends was usual for the farmers at that time and nearly no one cared for licenses. The just couldn't afford it. At Cardow it wasnt John but his wife Helen that distilled and she was known to have an eye on approaching excise officers and warn farmers in the neighborhood by setting up a red flag. Helen didn't just only distill for their own needs, she also sold her whisky from her kitchen's window it is said. In 1824 the Cummings could afford to buy a distilling license after the Exise Act of 1823 had reduced duties. They bought new stills and in the beginning were helped selling and distributing their whisky by their friend George Smith, later founder of Glenlivet. After John died in 1846 his wife Helen and his son Lewis carried on running Cardow Distillery. The distillery and farm officially were handed down to Lewis and in the following years he employed a brewer and a maltman. When Lewis passed away in 1872 his wife Elisabeth supported by her mother-in-law Helen and her two young sons carried on operating the distillery. Seeing the demands for whisky grow Elisabeth bought new ground not far away from the previous farm and built a new Cardow distillery using the same water sources. It could produce three times more whisky than the old one. In the year 1893 Elisabeth made a very important decision: She sold Cardow to John Walker & Sons for 20.500 pounds and ensured her family to hold shares in Walker's company. She died one year later and didn't have the chance to see the success of her wise decision: Under the shield of the big company Cardow could stand the hard times caused by the whisky market crash in 1898. In 1899 the stills of Cardow were doubled and the distillery was connected to the railway buy building a new road. Distillers Company Ltd, today Diageo, acquired the distillery in 1930. In 1960 a reconstruction and expansion followed the increasing demand for whisky in the post-war era. In 1965 the word "Cardhu" became a trademark and the brand was used to sell the whisky as single malt. In 1981 the name of the distillery was also changed from Cardow to Cardhu - a lightly different spelling for the original gaelic word that means "black rock".

Quietly assured and extra-mature, this is a whisky that opens slowly with real finesse to reveal an exquisite structure appealing to the connoisseur: rich in body, yet still full of delicate Cardhu character. A well-aged Cardhu, this 18 year old Speyside single malt retains its characteristic gentle nature allied with greater complexity and richness.

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  • Whisky Malt Cardhu 18 Anos 70 Cl