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A unique and innovative space in Portugal, the only one of its kind, where professionalism, technology and glamour allow the sharing of knowledge, construction of resources and building of partnerships.

The multifunctional and interactive character of the Studio creates value for everyone…



…our business VISION

To establish lifelong relationship, investing in the client and adding value to its business, while keeping the quality of the service and the price competitive.


…to GS clients

  • “on going training” courses

  • Brand education;

  • Technical Bar, Coffee and Wine courses;

  • Raise the productivity and professionalism of your staff;

  • Differentiation;

  • Creating exclusive drinks and signature drinks that go hand-in-hand with new trends;

  • Management consulting;

  • Automatize processes and rise the profitability of your business;

  • Creating menus and drinks lists providing marketing and communication support;

  • Acquiring products with customized service and keep the competitiveness like always.


… to GS partners

  • Using the Studio to develop and strengthen relationships with clients;
  • Permanent exposition of all our portfolio in a professional ambient;
  • Presentation of products and courses to salesmen teams and clients;
  • Leverage the growth in the business and partnership strengthening.


…to the general public

Thematic Workshops:

  • Wines
  • New drink trends
  • Cooking
  • Presentations
  • Expositions


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