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Whisky Haig Club 70 Cl

Whisky Haig Club 70 Cl

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Haig Distillery




70 CL

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Whether you're raising a class in celebration or simply sipping in good company, there's a perfect cocktail for every drinking moment. Light, clean and ultra-smooth, Haig Club is a versatile Scotch whisky that can be served anyway you like it. Luckily, we've got cocktails for all palettes whether you're a single grain expert or new to the world of whisky. From simple mixed drinks like Haig Club with Ginger Ale to our take on an old classic with the Haig Club New Old Fashioned.


The House of Haig is built on nearly 400 years of distilling heritage and can trace its whisky producing roots back to the seventeenth century in Scotland. In 1824 John Haig established Scotland's oldest grain distillery, Cameronbridge, and set out to pioneer the art of producing Grain Whisky in continuous Coffey and Stein stills, a process which would go on to provide the foundations for the success of the modern Scotch Whisky industry. The House of Haig's legacy of tradition and excellence continues to underpin the extraordinary HAIG CLUB story. The inspiration for the name HAIG CLUB can be found in archive materials dating back to the 1920s, in which Haig Whisky was advertised as "The Clubman's Whisky". Just like Haig Club whisky, the iconic bottle breaks convention. A perfect blend of style, substance and story, the square bottle takes note from classic whiskies and delivers something startling and unique. The bottle colour pays homage to the traditional blue tasting glasses used by master blenders for generations in order to ensure that liquid is reviewed on aroma and taste alone, and opinion is not swayed by the spirit's colour. Designed to stand out from the crowd, our striking blue HAIG CLUB bottle combines unique modern styling with a design shaped through four centuries of whisky distilling.The colour of the closure was inspired by the copper stills that were historically used to distil grain whisky. the beautiful bottle asserts itself whether it's proudly placed at home or rubbing shoulders with other whiskies in a bar. Haig Club is produced in partnership with global icon David Beckham and entrepreneur Simon Fuller. This partnership is unique, boasting collaboration, commitment and passion at every level. Both insist on a truly hands-on approach and play a role in everything from business plan development to introducing the brand to new markets around the world. Having been intrigued by the rich heritage and tradition of Scotch, the House of Haig has a historical role in David Beckham's family: Haig was his grandfather's whisky of choice.

Haig Club is a new Single Grain Scotch Whisky with a character and style that sets it apart. Haig Club is designed to be different - from the unique way in which the liquid has been crafted to the distinctive square, blue bottle, to the partnership with global icon David Beckham and British entrepreneur Simon Fuller. Haig Club is made at Cameronbridge distillery in Scotland. The liquid has been crafted using a unique process that combines grain whisky from three cask types. This creates a fresh, clean style that showcases butterscotch and toffee for an ultra-smooth taste. Seen by many to be Scotland's hidden gem, single grain whisky is being predicted by experts as the next trend in whisky.

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  • Whisky Haig Club 70 Cl