Whisky Malt Cardhu Gold Reserve 70 Cl - 01601 | Garrafeira Soares

Whisky Malt Cardhu Gold Reserve 70 Cl | Garrafeira Soares

Ref.: 01601

Whisky Malt Cardhu Gold Reserve 70 Cl

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Hot Toddy

Get the hip flask in your bag: you can share the warmth around with a well-made Hot Toddy drink at your next party. It’s the ultimate cold-weather drink, bringing you and your friends together. Ingredients: 50 ml - Cardhu® 12 Year Old 75 ml - Boiling Water 25 ml - Honey 25 ml - Lemon Juice 1 wedge - Lemon to Garnish 3 pieces - Clove How to make: 1. Place runny honey in a glass. Place a bar spoon filled with runny honey in a tumbler or latte glass. 2. Pour Cardhu 12 Year Old, lemon juice, boiling water and cloves into the glass. Using a jigger, pour 50ml Cardhu 12 Year Old, 17.5ml lemon juice and 3 cloves into the glass. Top up with boiling water. 3. Stir slowly. Stir the liquid slowly using a bar spoon. 4. Garnish with a wedge of lemon. Use a sharp knife to cut a wedge of lemon on a chopping board and place on top of the drink to garnish.

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  • Whisky Malt Cardhu Gold Reserve 70 Cl