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Japanese Whiskey

Here you will find the best Japanese whiskey for you. If you have not yet had the opportunity to try a good Japanese whiskey, at Garrafeira Soares you will be able to choose and buy Japanese whiskey of superior quality. Japanese Whiskey is an intense drink that captures the senses, generous and brightly colored. It is definitely an experience not to be missed. Choose your Japanese whiskey at an ideal price now. Buying Japanese whiskey has never been easier and safer in your online wine store.

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Japanese Whiskey

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Whisky Malt Nikka Coffey 70 Cl


65,95 €

Whisky Malt Nikka From The Barrel 50 Cl


45,95 €

Whisky Nikka Days 70 Cl


40,95 €

Whisky Jap Hakushu 12 Anos 70 Cl

Last Units

250,00 €

Whisky Jap Yamazaki Distillers Reserve 70 Cl


215,00 €

Whisky Japanese Hibiki Harmony 70 Cl


195,00 €

Whisky Japanese Yamazaki 12 Years 70 Cl


375,00 €

Whisky Malt Nikka Taketsuru 70 Cl


66,95 €

Whisky Nikka Coffey Grain 70 Cl


61,95 €

Whisky Nikka Super 70 Cl

Not Available

49,95 €