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Verde Wine

Green wine is very special, as it is unique in the world! At Garrafeira Soares you will find, in addition to good Portuguese green wines, white green wine with citrus colors, pink green wine or red green wine, with reddish tones. The brands of green wine we selected have a unique freshness and intensity, harmonious aromas, some sparkling, but always fresh. Some grape varieties responsible for green wines are Loureiro, Alvarinho, Vinhão or Arinto. Green wine is one of the most important for Portuguese culture and structuring its gastronomy. Garrafeira invites you to explore the selection of Portuguese Green Wine. Buy your favorite green wine here in your online store and celebrate it in the best possible way!

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Verde Wine

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Casal Mendes Blue 75 Cl


3,89 €

Vinho Verde Aveleda Loureiro/Alvarinho75 Cl


3,95 €

Vinho Verde Alvarinho Conde Villar 75 Cl


9,79 €

Vinho Verde Muralhas De Monção 75 Cl


4,95 €

Vinho Verde Casal Garcia 75 Cl


3,69 €

Vinho Verde Alvarinho Soalheiro Granit 75 Cl


12,95 €

Vinho Verde Azevedo Loureiro/Alvarinho 75 Cl


4,79 €

Vinho Verde Alvarinho Soalheiro 75 Cl


10,95 €

Vinho Verde Casal Garcia 37 Cl


2,39 €

Vinho Verde Aveleda Fonte 75 Cl


3,79 €

Vinho Verde Casal Mendes 75 Cl


3,29 €

Vinho Verde Aveleda Alvarinho 75 Cl


5,75 €