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At Garrafeira Soares you will find a great offer of whiskey selected especially for you. The whiskey offerings we have vary from Canada to the UK. Discover on our whiskey website, the categories we have to offer. In your online wine cellar you will find whiskey of different types and offers of whiskey packs with delicious combinations. Discover in your online wine cellar the whiskey offer that we always have at the best price. To a nice toast with family and friends!

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Imported Whisky

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Mini Whisky Makers Mark 5 Cl

Not Available

2,99 €

Whisky Bourbon Bandwagon 70 Cl

Not Available

14,95 €

Whisky Bourbon Buffalo Bill 70 Cl


14,95 €

Whisky Bourbon Bulleit 70 Cl


27,49 €

Whisky Buffalo Trace 70 Cl




Whisky Buffalo Trace 70 Cl


32,84 €

36,49 €

Whisky Bulleit 95 Rye 70 Cl


35,95 €

Whisky Canadian Club 1 L


22,49 €

Whisky Canadian Club 5 Cl

Not Available

1,99 €

Whisky Canadian Club 70 Cl


17,49 €

Whisky Crown Royal 1 L

Not Available

30,95 €

Whisky Fireball 70 Cl


15,95 €

Whisky Four Roses 5 Cl

Not Available

3,49 €