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Late Harvest

The late harvest wine brands selected by Garrafeira Soares offer the green sweet side of life! The grapes, harvested late and carefully selected, go through a winemaking process that alters the levels of sugar and acidity, generating the wine of late harvest, a glyceric, sweet and unique wine. Ideally appreciated at cool temperatures, red or white late-harvest wine has a citrus color and may have floral notes, aromas of honey or even almonds. Buy your late harvest wine here at your online store at the best price for the best gifts on the table.

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Late Harvest

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Exclusive Online Store

White Wine Malhadinha Late Harvest 2020 37.5 Cl


35,00 €

Exclusive Online Store

White Wine Herdade Grous Late Harvest 2015 37 Cl


24,95 €

Exclusive Online Store

White Wine Dão Quinta Carvalhais Late Harvest 37 Cl

Not Available

16,95 €

Exclusive Online Store

White Wine Douro Ferreirinha Colheita Tardia 2011 37 Cl

Not Available

17,99 €

Exclusive Online Store

White Wine Ravasqueira Late Harves 37.5 Cl


11,95 €