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Prosecco sparkling wine is a fresh and harmonious drink from the originally Italian grape variety, Glera. For a prosecco sparkling wine to have its own personality it must contain more than 2 thirds of this variety in its composition. The origin of the proseccos is Italian, from the Northeast of this country, in a DOC area that is distributed in 9 provinces. There are differences between a sparkling wine and prosecco. Italian prosecco is a quiet, sparkling drink with floral and soft notes, due to its degree of perlage. Buy the best prosecco for you here, at your online store, at the best price in an easy, fast and free way. It will be a nice toast!

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Prosecco Tordera Treviso (Frizzante/Stelvin) 20 Cl


4,29 €

Prosecco Tordera Treviso (Frizzante/Stelvin) 75 Cl


8,49 €

Prosecco Tordera Unick 75 Cl

Last Units

6,95 €

Sparkling Wine Gancia Proseco 75 Cl


10,49 €

Sparkling Wine Natale Verga Proseco 20 Cl


3,49 €

Sparkling Wine Natale Verga Proseco Rose 75 Cl


8,95 €

Sparkling Wine Organic Natale Verga Proseco 75 Cl


9,95 €

Sparkling Wine Poggio Proseco 75 Cl


8,75 €

Sparkling Wine Prosecco Freixenet 75 Cl


12,49 €

Sparkling Wine Prosecco Rose Tordera Tor.se 75 Cl


10,49 €

Sparkling Wine Prosecco Tordera Gabry Rosé 75 Cl

Last Units

7,95 €

Sparkling Wine Prosecco Tordera Saomi Brut 75 Cl


10,49 €