Whisky Malt Knockando 21 Anos 70 Cl - 01649 | Garrafeira Soares

Whisky Malt Knockando 21 Anos 70 Cl | Garrafeira Soares

Ref.: 01649

Whisky Malt Knockando 21 Anos 70 Cl

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Knockando Distillery




0.7 L



Alcohol Content (%)


On the nose it is warm, complex and fruity with vanilla and oak tones. Smooth and intense body. The palate is soft, smooth and very rich. Oak and almond notes with a hint of strawberry and velvety fruit. Intense, with a hint of oak, slightly fruity and cloudy in the finish.


Lightly smoky, nutty whiskies like Knockando find the savoury notes in vegetarian dishes such as tapenade or vegetarian haggis.


Built by John Thompson in 1898, the Knockando distillery sits next to the river Spey in the village of the same name. Derived from the Gaelic 'Cnoc-an-dhu' meaning 'little black hill', the distillery was founded during the Victorian whisky boom in 1898, but fell foul of dodgy distributors - closing in 1899 after just a year of production. W & A Gilbey soon took over, marking a change of fortunes for the distillery and for lovers of whisky everywhere. Only natural ingredients are used in the production of Knockando: malted barley, yeast and crystal clear spring water from the Cardnach spring, which lies in the hills above the distillery. Together, with time, they create a delicate whisky with a distinctive fresh almond note in its younger versions that gains weight and depth of flavour over the years. No doubt why Knockando whisky reviews are consistently good. Knockando stands proudly overlooking the river Spey. The product of this picturesque distillery has a Speyside character, through and through - being light, floral and delicate.

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  • Whisky Malt Knockando 21 Anos 70 Cl