Vodka Grey Goose Ducasse 70 Cl - 05048 | Garrafeira Soares

Vodka Grey Goose Ducasse 70 Cl | Garrafeira Soares

Ref.: 05048

Vodka Grey Goose Ducasse 70 Cl

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0.7 L

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Nose: Crisp and fresh with an elegant floral aroma, accentuated by a subtle citrus note. Palate: Initially smooth with a delicate sweetness that gradually envelops the mouth. Smooth, rounded texture with a hint of almond. Finish: fresh and vibrant as a whole, with a long and satisfying finish.

Gray Groose vodka can be enjoyed straight, with a mixer or as part of different cocktails.

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  • Vodka Grey Goose Ducasse 70 Cl