Sparkling Wine Natale Verga Proseco Rose 75 Cl - 18102 | Garrafeira Soares

Sparkling Wine Natale Verga Proseco Rose 75 Cl | Garrafeira Soares

Ref.: 18102

Sparkling Wine Natale Verga Proseco Rose 75 Cl

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Casa Vinicola Natale Verga




Glera, Pinot Noir

Alcohol Content (%)



0.75 L

COLOUR: elegant delicate pink, with persistent and brilliant perlage. BOUQUET: intense floral aromatics and scent of red fruits. FLAVOUR, refreshing, with delicious notes of citrus, strawberries and redcurrants.


Excellent with appetizers, entrees and main courses of fish and white meats


Casa Vinicola Natale Verga was founded by Enrico Verga in 1895. For four generations it has been handed down from father to son with the same values of tradition and quality.
At the moment the company is run by Natale Verga, in active cooperation with his father Giancarlo and his sisters Cristina and Laura. Enrico and Edoardo, the fifth generation of the Verga family, will soon take part in the company.
After more than a centur y of activity, the Natale Verga Wine Company S.p.A. actually takes on a determinant role in the great distribution network across Italy with a vast range of products of its own brands and of private labels.The overseas market, expanding to more than 30 countries and representing 35% of the business turnover of the company,has constantly honored it with numerous awards.The new headquarters cover a total surface area of 35.000 sq.m.The winery has a storage capacity of 46.000 quintals and two bottling lines: one dedicated to glass bottles from 0,75 to 1,5 liters, with a production capacity of 25.000 bottles per hour, along with another one dedicated to glass bottles of 5 liters and to PET bottles from 3 to 5 liters.
The ever growing business of these last years has been made possible thanks to the introduction of innovative and sophisticated technological systems that, though preserving the winemaking traditions, can satisfy a careful and exacting clientele, in full respect of the price-quality relationship. BRC and IFS certifications.

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  • Sparkling Wine Natale Verga Proseco Rose 75 Cl